April is Alcohol Awareness Month. 5 Early Signs of Alcohol Abuse.

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Every April, the National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) sponsors Alcohol Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to increasing our awareness and understanding of the causes and treatment for alcohol use disorders (AUDs). Now is also a good time to reflect on our drinking patterns and the role that alcohol plays in many of our lives.

Because alcohol is socially acceptable, it’s not always easy to tell when someone needs alcohol rehab in Prescott AZ. But there are subtle signs to look for, especially if you know that the person is already at high risk. Below are five early warning signs that an alcohol problem may be forming.

1. Neglecting Responsibilities

Usually, one of the first signs of an alcohol use disorder is neglecting responsibilities. A student’s grades may slip, or a parent may forget to pick their child up from soccer practice. The person isn’t doing this on purpose, but rather their life is becoming centered around obtaining and using alcohol. Because of this, there’s less time and motivation to handle day-to-day tasks.

2. Drinking Alone or in Secrecy

Another sign that a person needs Arizona alcohol rehab is drinking alone or drinking in secrecy. For example, a person might get a “head start” on their drinking before going out with friends. Or, they may choose to stay in on a Friday night so they can drink alone. People who are dependent on alcohol begin drinking more often in private because they don’t want to be judged.

3. Needing More Alcohol to Get the Same Effects

Addiction has both physical and mental symptoms. A common physical symptom is tolerance, which is when the person no longer responds to alcohol in the way they first did. They still crave the same feelings they got in the beginning, but they can’t achieve them by drinking the same things. So, you may notice the person drinking more or changing what they drink, such as by switching from beer to hard liquor.

4. Only Enjoying Activities that Involve Drinking

Many people enjoy going out for a beer after work or having a glass of wine with dinner, but they’re still able to get satisfaction from sober activities. However, people with alcohol use disorders tend to only enjoy activities that involve alcohol. The person may be happy to join you at a party or nightclub, but they may have no interest in a sober book club. They may also ask about whether or not alcohol will be served at events, and they may try to bring alcohol to places it doesn’t need to be, such as parks and movie theaters.

5. Gradually Moving Away from Their Support System

Before alcohol enters their lives, a person usually has a good support system with friends and family. But as their ties with alcohol grow stronger, they generally move away from their support system and spend more time with alcohol and alcohol-using friends. Substances are very effective at this – addiction is a disease of isolation.

These are just five of the early warning signs of an alcohol problem. If you believe that a loved one is struggling with an alcohol use disorder, get in touch with Wolf Creek Recovery today. Our alcohol rehab in Arizona treats all severities of alcoholism.