Angela Prosser

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Angie has worked in the addiction treatment industry since 2013. Having experienced various roles, her expertise lies in teaching personal development in matters pertaining to addiction. Angie’s focus is helping women move from being unhealthy to purposeful in their recovery.

Angie is an active member of the 12 step recovery community and is a mother to a brilliant 4 year old daughter. She attends Yavapai College seeking a degree in cognitive neuroscience as well as women’s hormone health.

Angie is known for her community leadership, educating men and women about the nature of addiction and empowering people to reach their full potential in recovery. She aims to provide simple, effective instructions for creating healthy habits while applying consistent effort. Angie is an advocate for healthy community and emphasizes her work by networking men and women to mentors who will help them reach their goals.

Angie’s pastimes include yoga, meditation, frequent travel, sponsorship and social events.