Philip Matosich, MS

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Phil is originally from California but has lived in Arizona for much of his life. He’s been clean and sober for over 21 years and works full-time as a substance use counselor. Phil pours his heart and soul into helping clients reach their full potential. While people in recovery can’t get back lost time, they can certainly make up for it by living each day to the fullest. Phil is a great person to preach this “one-day-at-a-time” mentality.

A client-centered approach is extremely important for Phil and he helps achieve this by practicing motivational interviewing and other similar modalities. During these sessions, Phil helps clients work through ambivalent and insecure feelings so they can find the internal motivation needed for change.

Phil also pays close attention to the health and well-being of each client. He’s sensitive to the fact that each person comes from a different background and has unique strengths and challenges. Phil is always great at seeing the best in people!