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Who We Are

Wolf Creek is a substance use and mental health treatment facility located in sunny Arizona. The Wolf Creek Recovery Center team is committed to helping individuals stop the cycle of substance use and rebuild healthy, accomplished lives. Wolf Creek Recovery supports a full continuum of care from detox, to inpatient residential treatment, IOP, and aftercare. 

At Wolf Creek, we recognize the relationship between substance use and traumatic experiences, and we provide a variety of opportunities in our full continuum of care for clients to explore their trauma while working through it in a productive manner. Our world-renowned trauma therapists and trauma program help heal the whole person in order to recover from the cycle of trauma and substance use. 


To achieve a life of sobriety, we encourage our clients to reconnect with the world around them. This can be done by rediscovering hobbies and passions and working on developing healthy, meaningful relationships. We help each of our clients build a life of strength and resiliency to achieve long-term values-based addiction recovery.

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Welcome To Wolf Creek Recovery Arizona’s Top Drug & Alcohol Detox Facility

Alcohol Detox

Every person’s alcohol detox needs are different. Let our experienced medical team determine if you need around-the-clock supervision at a professional medical detox center. Please call Wolf Creek Recovery Center in Arizona today to speak to our admission specialists.

Phase One

Our licensed master’s-level clinicians will develop an individualized and unique clinical treatment plan. Many of us have been there. We understand the addiction recovery process and are here to provide clinical excellence and support to you through every step of the journey. Attain long-term recovery today!

Phase Two

The implementation phase is where clients begin to apply their treatment plan, coping strategies, and relapse prevention to everyday life. Let our world-renowned trauma therapists and programs help you rebuild your life and your relationships today.

Extended Care

Our extended care program, up to 90 days and beyond, is the best option for long-term recovery seekers. Wolf Creek Recovery in Arizona ensures that clients are able to develop new and healthy habits and skills, providing a greater level of success for long-term addiction recovery.

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Our Understanding and Compassion Will Guide You Through The Journey

Our Understanding and Compassion Will Guide You Through The Journey

At Wolf Creek Recovery, we are proud to have a team of world-renowned trauma therapists and trauma treatment program compassionate clinical staff members. Many of Wolf Creek Recovery staff members are also in recovery, and they now bring their expertise to provide support to others on their healing journeys. At Wolf Creek Recovery in Arizona, we feel this firsthand knowledge allows us to better understand our clients and how to help them achieve their long-term healing goals.  

Most importantly, at the treatment center in Arizona, we teach our clients that to truly recover from a life of addiction, they need to do more than quit drugs or alcohol. They must heal on a deeper level, tackle past traumas, establish new ways to cope with stressful situations and grow to love themselves. This is how true change is made – and how a new life is formed.

A World-Renowned Trauma Therapy Program Run by Carol Kibee, LPC

Carol brings 16 years of study, advanced training and the practice of EMDR therapy to Wolf Creek Recovery. She’s passionate about working with people in early recovery because she has witnessed the profound changes that can occur when they use EMDR to free themselves from the powerful urges and cravings to process through the adverse experiences that drive their addictions.


Carol has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a Master’s in Counseling from Northern Arizona University, as well as a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Counseling from Ottawa University. She has been certified in EMDR therapy since 2007 and an Approved Consultant for EMDRIA (The International Association of EMDR) since 2010. She has been a trainer for the Trauma Recovery/Humanitarian Assistance Program, helped form the Trauma Recovery Network in the State of Arizona and coordinated pro-bono EMDR services in Northern Arizona after the Yarnell Hill wildfire.

Carol Kibee - LPC - EMDR Therapist
Goldwater Lake, Prescott, Arizona.

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Wolf Creek Recovery is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab treatment center in Arizona offering effective drug addiction treatment. Wolf Creek Rehabilitation Center Arizona programs are personalized to ensure that everyone gets the precise treatment program that works for them.
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