Family Therapy

Family Therapy provides the opportunity for a family to focus on their family relationships and how they have been affected by the behaviors and choices of an addicted loved one.

Addiction is not an individual disease. It is a disease that has affected the entire family dynamic. As the client heals from addiction the family can heal as well. When the family is brought together in a family session, there is an opportunity for support, healing and compassion for each member of the family

Here at Wolf Creek Recovery, during our weekly family sessions a therapist will explore how substance use has affected the entire family whether through keeping secrets, enabling behaviors and codependency related issues. The goal is to restore balance that has been upended by dysfunction to hopefully stop the cycle of addiction within the family unit.

Who Can Participate in Wolf Creek Recovery’s Family Program?

Our rehabs Arizona family program is open to our clients’ family members. Ideally, everyone in your household should participate in this program. In some cases, it might make sense to include other extended family members, specifically those who are involved in the problems that need to be addressed. Children will be invited into family sessions depending on their age and at the discretion of the therapist.

How Does Addiction Affect the Family Unit?

While each family is unique, addiction takes a toll on all households. Some of the biggest problems that occur are:

  • Negative emotions such as guilt, anger, resentment and embarrassment
  • Safety issues, as drugs and alcohol can cause a person to act out and put their family in harm’s way
  • Lack of responsibilities – it’s difficult to be an active, hands-on family member when drugs are involved
  • Poor communication due to negative interactions and efforts to cover up the substance use
  • Lack of structure and boundaries, which leads to confusion and negative behaviors from children
  • Denying that there is an issue, delaying the need for treatment
  • Codependency and enabling – these behaviors are often confused for ‘helping,’ when in reality, they allow the substance use to continue

This just touches the tip of the iceberg. Addiction is a progressive and debilitating disease that impacts the family unit. Some problems may have existed before the addiction, but surely the disease will bring out more over time.

What are the Goals for Family Therapy?

As your family members participate in family therapy sessions, there are many goals they will be working toward. Not only will they learn how to create a stable and supportive home for when you return home full time, but also they will be working on their own healing through activities like psychodrama and family sculpting.

Some of the main goals for family therapy are:

  • Educate family members on substance use and mental health disorders
  • Increase awareness of family dynamics and conflicts
  • Improve communication among family members
  • Work on building trust and exploring feelings
  • Identify and set healthy boundaries
Ultimately, families play a significant role in their loved one’s recoveries. Addiction was once thought of as an individual disease, but we now know that it is part of a larger family system. By participating in family therapy, your family won’t just be helping themselves but future generations as well.

  • Family sculpting therapy. This technique asks one or more family members to arrange the other members in the family. They do this in terms of posture, space and attitude to fit the perception of the family.
  • Family roles. Awareness of the various roles within a family create an opportunity for change. In family therapy, your family will discuss dysfunctional family roles that may be contributing to the substance use.
  • Psychodrama. Psychodrama uses various techniques like role playing and dramatization to gain insight into people’s lives. The goal is to help people express their feelings, boost their social skills and deal with problems more effectively.

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