Wolf Creek Recovery believes the treatment community deserves a client-centered program with staff members and owners who are actively involved in the recovery process.

Not only does this hands-on interaction provide clients with motivation and encouragement, but also it sets the tone for how the treatment center operates on a day-to-day basis.

Wolf Creek Recovery provides compassion and genuine leadership for employees and clients at each level of the organization. Our owners are active in the most important aspects of our treatment program: admissions and community outreach, executive functions, daily operations and clinical. We feel this is what sets us apart from all other substance use and mental health facilities.

With a strong leadership dynamic, Wolf Creek Recovery is able to provide the best client-centered, family-oriented experience a person should expect when pursuing long-term sobriety. We welcome you to our treatment center in Arizona and appreciate the opportunity to introduce our team.

  • Jonathon Ciampa
    Jonathon Ciampa
    CEO and Co-Founder
  • Steven Nolan
    Steven Nolan
    Executive Director and Co-Founder
  • Philip Matosich, MS
    Philip Matosich, MS
    Asst. Clinical Director and Co-Founder
  • Sheila Busch, FNP
    Sheila Busch, FNP
    Medical Director
  • Sally Brown, PhD, LCSW
    Sally Brown, PhD, LCSW
    Clinical Director
  • Carol Kibbee, LPC
    Carol Kibbee, LPC
    EMDR Therapist