Wolf Creek is a holistic values based Prescott treatment center that focuses on the following values: honesty, integrity, respect, compassion, commitment and courage.

We believe in a comprehensive treatment program that integrates evidence-based treatments and alternative therapies to restore the mind, body and spirit.

Our mission is to “meet clients where they are” and help them rebuild their lives. Too often, addiction treatment is viewed as a one-and-done event rather than a spectrum of care. Whether this is your first time needing treatment or you’ve been down this road before, we have programs to support you.

Our caring, compassionate staff – who have all been on this journey before – want to see you succeed in treatment. What you haven’t been able to do on your own, we can do together. From the moment you contact our admissions department, we are on your side and here for you.  We specialize in helping you attain long term sobriety one day at a time.

What You Need to Succeed Lies Within – We’re Just Here to Help You Find It. Find Your Inner Wolf Today.

Many people ask us why we chose to call our treatment center in Arizona ‘Wolf Creek.’ We chose this name because of what the wolf symbolizes. The wolf is one of the most respected animals in the world. For many tribes, wolves represent creation, death and birth. These intuitive animals are also known for trusting their instincts, giving them the ability to make quick and firm decisions.

At Wolf Creek, our goal is to provide our clients with the necessary tools and resources to attain long term sobriety. Everything you need to survive and succeed in this life is within you, it just needs to be unleashed. By trusting your instincts and paying attention to your inner voices – just as a wolf would – you will be led down the right path.

Every life has meaning and purpose, and yours is worth fighting for. Find your inner wolf today at Wolf Creek Recovery.  Let us help guide you through your journey into recovery.

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At Wolf Creek Recovery – Treatment Center AZ, we take a values based approach when addressing substance use.


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You can do great things at Wolf Creek Recovery. A beautiful, resilient life built on your personal values awaits.