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Alcohol Treatment Center in Arizona

Wolf Creek Recovery provides personalized treatment plans to those struggling with an alcohol use disorder (AUD), this includes binge drinkers.

Your treatment plan will be created to address your specific alcohol use disorder.

As an alcohol treatment center in Prescott, Arizona, Wolf Creek Recovery believes in working closely with each client. We realize that everyone has different needs, and therefore, should have a treatment regimen that reflects their unique challenges and strengths. With a wide range of evidence-based and holistic therapies, we can formulate an optimal treatment plan.

Alcohol may be legal and accessible, but it remains a powerful drug that has the ability to impact the brain negatively. If you believe alcohol is a problem, contact Wolf Creek Recovery to learn more about our alcohol rehab in beautiful and sunny Prescott Arizona.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Prescott Arizona

An alcohol use disorder is a medical condition characterized by the inability to stop drinking despite negative consequences. People with drinking problems often struggle with work, school and other responsibilities. They have problems in their relationships and eventually go on to suffer adverse health effects like liver damage/disease, pancreatitis, heart disease, and central nervous system obstructions.

Thankfully, alcohol addiction can be successfully treated with the right combination of therapies and sometimes medications. However, there is a process you will have to follow to ensure you align yourself with the best chances for a complete recovery. When you enter Wolf Creek alcohol rehab in Prescott Arizona, you can expect the following alcohol rehab process:

Alcohol Rehab Arizona

Detoxification Referral Service

Alcohol withdrawal has severe and potentially fatal symptoms, which is why we strongly recommend medical detox. Not only will a medically supervised detox program ensure your comfort and safety, but it also increases your chances for a successful detox. When people don’t have the right support, the cravings and symptoms can be so strong, they cause immediate relapse. Call today to learn more about our detox referral service.

Detoxification Referral Service


The main part of alcohol rehab is therapy. Our Prescott AZ alcohol treatment program offers a wide range of therapeutic techniques, including individual and group therapy. After all, no single treatment method is enough to treat an alcohol addiction. People benefit from a combination of therapies that address their underlying reasons for drinking and teach them new ways of handling stressful situations. We offer 12 step and non-12 step options within our alcohol rehab in Prescott, AZ.

Extended Care

Alcohol addiction can be difficult to recover from because alcohol is a socially acceptable drug that turns up in most places. This is why we highly recommend extended care for those battling an alcohol use disorder. An extended program gives clients more time to heal from their substance use and learn essential life skills needed for a successful transition to everyday life.

Recover from Alcohol Addiction – Alcohol Rehab in Arizona

Wolf Creek Recovery – Alcohol Rehab Arizona is pleased to offer a full spectrum of care that addresses all aspects of alcohol addiction. From our detox referral to aftercare, we can provide you with the support you need to succeed in your recovery. Our facility is located in the charming town of Prescott Arizona where the sun shines all the time! To learn more about our approach to treating alcohol use disorders, contact Wolf Creek Recovery today at (833) 732-8202.

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At Wolf Creek Recovery – Treatment Center AZ, we take a values based approach when addressing substance use.


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