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Author and journalist, Johann Hari, describes addiction as a “disconnection.”

As a result of the addiction process, the addict disconnects from their relationships, hobbies, and ultimately, themselves. Soon they find themselves in deafening isolation where it’s them against the world, so to speak. The illusion is that the only thing that’s there for them is drugs or alcohol.

The solution, as Hari would say, is “connection.” This is what Wolf Creek Recovery is here to do – reconnect our clients to their loved ones, their passions and themselves. From the time you call our admissions department, we are on your side. You will receive a personalized treatment plan – we like to call them your strategy – that takes into consideration your unique strengths and weaknesses and the goals you have for recovery.

Our holistic Arizona alcohol and drug addiction treatment center in Arizona. offers a spectrum of care that includes detox, personalized treatment plans, trauma therapy (EMDR), dual diagnosis, golf therapy, sports therapy, case management and aftercare planning. We will meet you where you are. Some clients must start with detoxification while others simply need the support of individual and group therapy.

As you move through the continuum of care, you will connect with yourself, others and the world around you. For example, during detox, you will connect with your body to feel whole again. This process removes all toxins from the body and restores vitamins and nutrients. In therapy, you’ll be led to understanding your behaviors, history and internal processes.

Wolf Creek Recovery, Let Us Take it From Here

After working with many people in recovery and going through this process ourselves, the Wolf Creek Recovery staff has a firm understanding of what the recovery journey looks like. It’s not easy, but you are certainly not alone. What you couldn’t do on your own, we can do together. There is life after addiction – a beautiful one – so let us take you there.

AddictionTreatment in Arizona
We specialize in offering individualized care that honors the differences of each client. We realize that human nature is complex, and things get even more complicated when you consider the experiences and backgrounds we each have in our pasts. It’s important that we take the time to listen and truly understand each client so they can heal and find their sense of purpose.

Reasons to choose us for addiction treatment in Arizona are:

  • 30+ years of treatment experience
  • Unique facility with 30, 60 and 90 day programs
  • Extended treatment program
  • Evidence-based therapies like EMDR, CBT, DBT and motivational interviewing
  • Complementary therapies such as adventure therapy and sports therapy
  • Full continuum of care – detox affiliates, residential,  PHP, IOP, and OP and PHP
  • Beautiful, modern facility located in the heart of Prescott AZ

To speak with one of our compassionate intake counselors, contact Wolf Creek today. Let’s do this together!

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We’re Here to Help, Let Us Take it From Here

At Wolf Creek Recovery – Treatment Center AZ, we take a values based approach when addressing substance use.


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You can do great things at Wolf Creek Recovery. A beautiful, resilient life built on your personal values awaits.