It is time to start your recovery journey.

Let the highly trained staff at Wolf Creek Recovery guide you through your new life of growth and healing.

Wolf Creek Recovery makes the admissions process simple at our effective Arizona Drug and Alcohol Rehab. Below you will find more information about our quick and easy admissions process.

Step 1: Get in contact with our team.

The first step is to call (833) 732-8202 and connect with an admissions advisor where you will speak to an owner directly. This is the best way for any and all of your questions to be answered. You can also fill out our online form below and an owner will contact you immediately.

One thing that separates Wolf Creek Recovery from other drug rehabs in Prescott AZ is that an owner of the facility will answer the phone. You will not be sent to a call center like other treatment centers. We prefer this because all questions will be answered by a decision maker. Our staff members are in recovery and can relate to how people are feeling when they first dial in.

Also, please know that all calls are confidential. We take privacy seriously and are in compliance with all state and federal privacy laws.

Step 2: Complete a pre-assessment.

After your questions are answered, an initial pre-assessment will be completed for our medical and clinical team to review. Your initial pre-assessment will help us determine eligibility, the most appropriate level of care, and your individual needs.

From the information we receive we will formulate a personalized treatment plan, including detox planning.

Step 3: Explore your insurance options and our affordable private pay options

Wolf Creek Recovery works with a number of insurance providers to make drug rehab in Arizona more affordable. Currently, we accept most major health insurance plans.

Wolf Creek Recovery will take it from here and verify your coverage for you. Call Wolf Creek Recovery today for us to help you obtain a verification of benefits. This process only takes a few minutes. We will inform you about your policy benefits and your treatment options at our Arizona Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation facility.

Please contact us today to learn about our affordable private pay rates.

Step 4: Understand your treatment options.

No matter where you are in the recovery journey, we can meet you there. Wolf Creek Recovery offers a full spectrum of care that includes partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient and extended care. Through our affiliates, we can also start you on a detox plan.

Furthermore, our treatment center in Arizona offers a wide range of therapies, including holistic activities and family therapy. Our team works diligently to provide each client with a personalized treatment plan that reflects their needs and positions them for long-term success.

With everything set, you can officially enter our Arizona rehab centers. We can even assist with transportation, so let us know if you need help in this facet of your recovery. Wolf Creek believes that when a person wants help, they should get it. We don’t want any barriers standing in the way!

To start the admissions process, contact Wolf Creek Recovery today at (833) 732-8202.

We Accept Most Insurance Providers

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