Good Samaritan Laws and Opioid Overdose in Arizona

Good Samaritan Laws and Overdose (opioid) in Arizona
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Arizona citizens who use illicit opioids often face a crippling dilemma in the face of heroin use, overdose, and law enforcement. This is where Good Samaritan laws in Arizona come into play.

People with a substance use disorder often cannot stop using substances without professional intervention. This puts them at risk of overdose. Opioid overdose is treatable with the drug Narcan, yet many locals fear contacting law enforcement or emergency medical services due to the illegal nature of their activities.

Thankfully, Good Samaritan laws in Arizona exist to protect people from legal repercussions if they need medical assistance in the case of opioid overdose. But what are the Good Samaritan laws in Arizona exactly, and how do they help opioid users?

What Are Good Samaritan Laws in Arizona?

Good Samaritan laws in Arizona protect opioid users and their friends from legal repercussions in the case of overdose.

The law in Arizona states that people who reach out to law enforcement or emergency medical services in the case of drug-related overdoses cannot be charged or prosecuted for the use or possession of a controlled substance or paraphernalia, provided that the evidence was acquired as a result of the overdose or need for medical assistance.1

In plain language, if you or someone you know is experiencing an opioid overdose, you can contact authorities to reach out for help. If illicit drugs are discovered in the process, law enforcement may dispose of these drugs safely. This is without charging you or the person overdosing with a crime.

How Good Samaritan Laws Help Opioid Users Get Treatment

Opioid overdoses have spiked dramatically in the last several years, largely due to the wave of synthetic opioids — such as fentanyl and its analogs. However, the drug Narcan has led to more people surviving opioid overdose. This, in turn, opens the door for people to get the help and treatment they need to recover from opioid use disorders.

People with opioid use disorder often cannot quit without the help of treatment professionals. Yet many people are unable or unwilling to get treatment, putting them at greater risk of overdose as they continue to use opioids.

Good Samaritan laws in Arizona help opioid users get the treatment they need by:

  • Helping them survive opioid overdose
  • Connecting them with medical services
  • Keeping substance users out of jail for seeking medical help

This contributes to a great step forward in treating substance use disorders and helping people find the support they need.

How Opioid Rehab in Arizona Can Help

Starting treatment with opioid rehab in Arizona can help people build the tools they need to overcome opioid use disorders, prevent future relapse, and create stronger and healthier lives in recovery. Treatment at an evidence-based opioid rehab center includes therapies such as:

These treatments are offered in several levels of care, helping people find the right treatment intensity for their needs. Starting an opioid rehab program following an overdose is the best way to ensure that you never face this life-threatening consequence again and to help you build a lasting and thriving recovery.

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