When you wake up in the morning, is the first thing you think of heroin? Are you a parent concerned that heroin is ruining your child’s future? 

Heroin is a powerful substance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome the hold it has on your life. Heroin overdose deaths in Arizona decreased by nearly 50% between 2017 and 2021. That statistic wouldn’t be the same without addiction treatment centers like Wolf Creek Recovery providing excellent clinical care to people in our community.

What We Treat: The Definition of Heroin Use Disorder

Heroin use disorder is a medical condition that needs treatment, just like any physical or mental health condition. Stigma makes that difficult, but let’s be very clear: heroin use disorder isn’t a moral failing. It changes the way your brain and body operate. 

Just like a medical condition, there are symptoms an individual exhibits before they’re officially diagnosed with a heroin use disorder. These symptoms include:

  • Heroin is taken more often or longer than intended
  • Attempts to cut down on heroin haven’t been successful
  • A large amount of time is spent using, obtaining, or recovering from heroin
  • Heroin cravings
  • Heroin interfering with life and responsibilities
  • Continued heroin use despite social and relational consequences
  • Giving up activities to take heroin
  • Using heroin in physically dangerous situations
  • Continued heroin use when it has caused a health condition
  • Requiring more heroin to feel the desired effect (tolerance)
  • Experiencing withdrawal when not taking heroin

Whether you or your loved one experience one of these signs or all of them, Wolf Creek is here to help with individualized, evidence-based treatment. Recovery is possible for anyone, and no one is too far gone.

Wolf Creek’s Treatment Options for Heroin Use Disorder

Wolf Creek has multiple treatment programs available to meet your needs. None is better than the other – it just depends on what will work best for your unique situation.

The First Step: Heroin Detoxification

Detoxing on heroin alone can be painful and difficult, and our trusted partners’ detox program makes the process far more manageable. We’ll refer you to them, and expert medical staff will monitor and assist you 24/7. They will manage your symptoms with the help of medication if needed, so you’ll be able to focus fully on overcoming your heroin use disorder instead of cravings or withdrawal.

Detox typically lasts a week to ten days, depending on what is best for you and your recovery. After detox, you’ll proceed to another one of our programs that will empower you to beat heroin use disorder for good.

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For Long-Term Recovery: Residential/Inpatient Rehab Services

Residential programs traditionally involve you staying at a facility all day and night.

Our partial hospitalization (PHP) program is similar, but we provide housing for you to stay in during your extended stay with us. During treatment with us, you’ll participate in group therapy and individual therapies customized to you that will address both your heroin use disorder and any mental health conditions coming alongside it. Our staff will be accessible to you consistently for anything you need, and you’ll stay in a safe environment where you can focus on healing.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab Services: Returning to Normal Life

If you need a little more freedom in your schedule, intensive outpatient (IOP) may be the best option for you. We’ll still provide optional housing for you during your treatment if you need it, but you’ll spend less time actively in therapy, leaving you more room to tend to other responsibilities. IOP is a great way to continue treatment while transitioning back into your regular life.

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What to Expect in Heroin Rehab With Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek’s heroin rehab typically lasts for 90 days, though shorter or longer stays are available if needed. We’re serious about catering treatment to each individual’s unique needs, and not a set formula. We know that’s not how recovery works.

That’s why we offer alternative therapy modalities on top of evidence-based, traditional ones. This includes our outdoor adventure therapy, where you’ll enjoy everything our beautiful Prescott, Arizona location has to offer through camping, rowing, team sports, and more.

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Risk Factors and Causes of Heroin Addiction

Anyone can develop a heroin use disorder, but people with a genetic history of addiction, trauma, and unaddressed mental health concerns are more likely to develop an addiction. Living in an environment that encourages substance use and trying substances while underage also increases the risk.

How to Know if You Need Treatment for Heroin Use Disorder

If you experience enough symptoms from the list at the beginning of this page to likely have a heroin use disorder, it’s a good idea to seek help. There’s never a wrong time to start a treatment program.

Get Help for Heroin Use Disorder With Wolf Creek Today

Is there a feeling eating away at you now that makes you wonder if it’s time to take the first step toward recovery? We encourage you to embrace that nagging feeling and contact us.

Wolf Creek Recovery values honesty, integrity, respect, compassion, commitment, and courage, and those beliefs are visible in the quality care we provide every day. From how we treat our patients to how we treat each other – it’s in everything we do. We offer the care you deserve, and we hope you’ll call us at 1-833-732-8202 to start building a life you love.