Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

It is pivotal you recognize your addiction disorder in the early stages and seek help to prevent adverse health consequences. Wolf Creek Recovery is one of the best drug and alcohol rehab centers with evidence-based and holistic treatment programs and a friendly clinical team.

What are the qualities I should look for in an addiction treatment center?

Look for a rehab center with the highest success rate and a low relapse percentage. You will also benefit more by joining a rehab that specializes in treating your specific addiction disorder.

Join a facility that focuses on addressing your underlying mental health issues alongside your substance abuse disorder. Failing to pinpoint and address your addiction’s underlying triggers can put you at a high risk of relapse and deteriorate your mental health further.

What happens after rehab?

While completing a rehabilitation program is a significant accomplishment, staying clean requires a lifetime of commitment and is a long-term process. Soon after you leave rehab, you will need time to adjust to the life outside, requiring you to:

  • Mend issues with loved ones and friends
  • Get back to work or finding new employment
  • Reconnect with family members
  • Find a new place to live, etc.

Some recovering addicts find this transition triggering and intimidating, causing them to relapse within a few months of leaving rehab.

Our best drug and alcohol rehab centers help our clients guard themselves better against cravings and stressful situations by following a healthy routine and live a newfound lifestyle. We offer excellent continuing care programs to ensure a stress-free transition for our clients. You must also attend social groups like AA or NA to celebrate your sobriety and share your recovery journey with individuals battling similar issues as you. You may also join a church, sign up for a new class, or participate in hobbies to keep you focused, engaged, and positive.

Therapies we use to treat substance abuse disorders

Several science-based treatment modalities help address and treat addiction. Some of the addiction therapies we use include:

  1. Motivational interviewing (MI) – The procedure encourages recovering addicts to create their own goals instead of imposing some on them. It is among the most reliable healing approaches as it provides recovering addicts complete control over their recovery and encourages them to motivate themselves towards a self-determined goal.
  2. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – CBT not only helps recovering addicts beat addiction but enables them to address their substance abuse disorder’s causes as well. It is one of the most effective therapies to treat anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, etc.
  3. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) – The eye movements dampen the feelings associated with specific harmful memories or trauma. EMDR therapy uses visual stimulation and encourages patients to bring up their past traumatic memories, reducing the intense feelings and emotions associated with that memory.

Wolf Creek Recovery can guide you towards a safe, healthy, and peaceful tomorrow. Reach us at (928) 227-8887 to verify your insurance with us. Ranked among the best drug and alcohol rehab centers, we create tailored recovery plans for each client and guide them towards sobriety with a 1-on-1 treatment approach.