Common Barriers to Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Arizona

Common Barriers to Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Arizona
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In a perfect world, a person struggling with addiction would enter a treatment facility and get better. But as we know, the world is far from perfect, and substance use disorders are difficult to treat. These complex mental health conditions are often driven by an underlying factor, such as unresolved trauma.

If you’re hoping to get your loved one into a treatment center in Arizona, it’s important to be aware of possible barriers that could be holding them back. Being mindful of these barriers can help you approach the topic differently while also working to eliminate any concerns. Below are some common barriers to seeking treatment.

Denial of the Problem

Addicts are notoriously prone to denial, as this is a way to ignore their problems. For most addicts, it’s not just the substance use they have to face but also the underlying causes of their behavior. Denying that there is a problem just seems easier.

Drugs and alcohol control addicts, so a simple conversation about recovery probably isn’t enough. The best things you can do are show your concern, continue to have conversations about getting sober and avoiding enabling behaviors.

Fear of the Treatment Process

It’s normal to have worries and concerns about drug or alcohol rehab in AZ – it’s a big commitment! Not only might your loved one fear treatment, but also they may worry about having to confront their issues, open up to a therapist and live life sober.

Remind your loved one that anticipatory fear is what they’re experiencing, and that fear is always worse than reality. By continuing to use drugs and alcohol, there is actually much more to fear, including the loss of life.

Not Ready to Stop Using

Some addicts are simply not interested in stopping their drug or alcohol use. In fact, about 40 percent of addicts don’t seek treatment because they are not ready to stop using. They let drugs and alcohol control their priorities, and this is frustrating for loved ones.

Forcing someone into Arizona alcohol rehab is not easy, but it can be done. Although there’s technically no Marchman Act in Arizona, there are similar mandatory treatment laws that can help get your loved one into treatment. Or, you can set boundaries and consequences to highlight the extent of the problem.

Lack of Money or Health Care Coverage

Addiction treatment services are not cheap, but neither are drugs and alcohol. For example, the average heroin addict spends up to $200 a day on the drug, while the average cocaine user spends about $100-$160 a day. This can add up to tens of thousands of dollars each year!

In addition to the costs of using drugs and alcohol, addicts often end up with additional expenses like lawyer fees, court costs, lost productivity, lower wages, higher insurance premiums, health care expenses, accidents and more. Use this calculator to see how much you spend on alcohol each year.

While drug rehab in Arizona is a financial commitment, there are ways to reduce the costs. Medicaid and private health insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare and Cigna will help pay for some treatment costs. There is also private funding, financing and grant money available.

Get Help from a Team that Understands

These are some of the top barriers that prevent people from getting the help they need. Not all barriers are easy to cross, but it’s helpful if you can identify what’s holding your loved one back. To speak with someone from our Arizona treatment center, contact Wolf Creek Recovery today. We understand how your loved one is feeling and how to encourage them to take action.