The Risks of Quitting Cold Turkey and Detoxing at Home

detox at home
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Home detox and quitting cold turkey are risky methods of overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol. These methods involve quitting the substance of abuse abruptly without assistance from medical doctors. It might seem like the fastest and cheapest option (you can start at this very moment, after all), but there are risks associated with drug detox in Prescott AZ.

While each situation is unique, we almost always recommend that a person detoxes under medical supervision. Detoxing at home can have dangerous, sometimes even fatal, consequences. 

Why is it Risky to Detox On Your Own? 

There are a number of reasons why we don’t recommend quitting cold turkey and detoxing by yourself. The first risk is withdrawal syndrome. Withdrawal symptoms can be painful and uncomfortable. Attempting home detox without the proper medical support can lead to life-threatening situations, especially if you have underlying health conditions. 

The second risk is the high likelihood of relapse. Quitting cold turkey without professional support does not address the underlying issues that led to the addiction. Therefore, even if you are successful at quitting, you are likely to fall back into the same bad habits when difficulties arise.

Lastly, home detox can actually create new addictions or mental health issues. Instead of relying on alcohol to relax and sleep, you might replace it with a different substance, something called ‘replacement addiction.’ 

Most Detox Programs are Home-Like and Comfortable 

Even though detoxing at home is risky, some people do it anyway. They might not have insurance, or they believe they will be more comfortable in a familiar environment. But we encourage you to speak with several detox facilities before you make these assumptions. 

In reality, many detox programs take place in homelike settings with comfortable surroundings. You’re free to get up and move around, as well as hang out in the common spaces with other people. You’ll have support staff checking in on you to monitor symptoms and keep you comfortable. And if there are any emergencies, you’ll have immediate access to medical care. 

Find ‘Drug Detox Near Me’ Today! 

Wolf Creek Recovery can help you find a detox program that fits your needs. When you complete drug detox in AZ, you can continue your journey at our outpatient treatment center. We give our clients the tools they need to be successful in their recoveries. Contact our admissions department to learn more about utilizing our detox referral services.