Xanax Rehab in Arizona: How to Cleanse Your Body and Get Sober

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Xanax is a fast-acting prescription benzodiazepine prescribed for anxiety disorders. It usually starts to work within one to two hours, whereas other benzodiazepines can take weeks. For this reason, Xanax may be prescribed short-term or as a ‘bridge’ until the other medication takes effect. While Xanax is effective, it is also highly addictive. Some people require Xanax rehab in Arizona to get off the drug. 

No one takes Xanax to become addicted, but it can happen relatively quickly. According to one study, 40 percent of those taking Xanax daily for extreme anxiety for at least six weeks become addicted. Doctors typically recommend taking Xanax for only two to four weeks, though it is possible to become addicted even within this time frame. However, the risk is lower. 

If you are struggling with a Xanax addiction, you’re probably wondering how you can stop the cycle before it gets worse. Addiction is a disease – it doesn’t necessarily matter what your substance of choice is. Therefore, if you do continue abusing Xanax, it can lead to the same mental, emotional, physical and social effects as other drugs. 

Below are the steps to follow to cleanse your body and get sober from Xanax. 

Stop the Xanax Use 

The first step to getting Xanax out of your system is by stopping its use. However, you don’t necessarily need to stop cold turkey. In fact, this can be dangerous and cause severe withdrawal effects. Instead, it’s often best to follow a tapering schedule that gradually reduces your Xanax dosage. This should be done under the supervision of a healthcare professional. 

Medical Detox 

While some people choose to detox from Xanax under the supervision of their doctor, others choose a medical detox facility. This is the better option for the majority of people, as they receive personalized, one-on-one care. A team of medical professionals will monitor you around the clock to ensure your symptoms are managed. This gives you the best shot of making it through withdrawal successfully. 

Withdrawing from Xanax takes about a week or two. Some of the most common symptoms you may experience are: 

  • Anxiety. Some people experience a rebound effect as they detox from benzodiazepines. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to experience heightened feelings of anxiety, worry and restlessness. 
  • Insomnia. You may have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep during the tapering process. Fortunately, there are medications and therapies to help with this. 
  • Irritability and tension. Tapering off Xanax can cause muscle tension and discomfort, making you more irritable. You’ll also likely have a lower threshold for stress.
  • Mood changes. Any type of drug withdrawal involves mood changes, as your brain is adjusting to not having substances. Be prepared for mood swings that involve increased sadness and emotional instability.
  • Physical. Remember, your body is going through an adjustment period. Expect physical symptoms such as nausea, headaches, sweating, tremors and heart palpitations. Again, your medical team will do their best to treat these symptoms and keep you comfortable. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment 

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is useful in drug addiction treatment because it eases withdrawal symptoms and helps prevent relapse. MAT is safe and effective, and ultimately, it saves lives and helps people recover. 

So what is MAT, exactly? This therapy combines medication with counseling and behavioral therapies to help individuals make a full recovery. Not everyone needs MAT, but many do, particularly those who take a lot of Xanax, have addictions to other substances, have uncertain degrees of tolerance or have neurological disorders. 

Benzos affect GABA levels in the brain, which are neurotransmitters that affect how calm you feel. When you stop taking Xanax, your system goes into a state of shock. Instead of waiting until the body calms down, which can be extremely uncomfortable, there are various medications you can take to stabilize GABA levels and give the body a chance to recover. 

Each person is unique, which means you will receive a tailored treatment plan based on your needs. Some people are prescribed longer-acting medications from the same family so that there’s no rush. Others receive a lower or equivalent dose of Xanax and then taper off. Additional alternative medications may also be prescribed, such as antidepressants and beta-blockers. 

Counseling and Behavioral Therapies 

Many people who abuse Xanax also benefit from counseling and behavioral therapies in Xanax rehab in Arizona. While you can be effective at getting the drug out of your body and healing on a physical level, you may turn right back to the same substance or a different substance after detox. This is because you’re not dealing with the underlying reasons for the abuse. 

For instance, you may have gotten hooked on Xanax because it took away your anxiety symptoms. In this case, counseling and therapy can teach you how to manage your anxiety more effectively. Or perhaps you were taking Xanax to escape reality or numb your feelings. It’s possible that you may be struggling with unresolved trauma or painful memories. 

The most effective therapies for treating Xanax addiction are: 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational interviewing (MI)
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)


The last phase of the treatment process is aftercare, which involves extended support as you transition to everyday life. Aftercare may include support groups, 12-step meetings, sober living homes and outpatient programs. Maintaining a sober living environment, surrounding yourself with positive influences, practicing self-care and utilizing your coping skills are also important parts of aftercare. 

Xanax Rehab in Arizona: Reclaim Your Life 

Wolf Creek Recovery offers various levels of treatment, including Phase One, Phase Two and Extended Care. While we do not offer detox on-site, we can refer you to a local detox center where you can work on getting Xanax out of your body. You can then transfer to our facility where we will teach you the tools to lead a healthy, sober life. 

To learn more about starting your recovery with Wolf Creek Recovery, contact our team of professionals today.