Benefits of Choosing an Out-of-State Inpatient Drug Rehab

outdoor therapy in inpatient drug rehab

Outpatient drug rehab centers tend to get a lot of attention because they are flexible, affordable and convenient. You get to live at home and travel back and forth to treatment during the week. However, not everyone does best with this fit. If you are someone who could benefit from a more structured and supportive environment, an inpatient drug rehab will likely be a better fit. 

Wolf Creek Recovery is proud to offer partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment with housing accommodations. We are a great fit for individuals who need a structured setting, a change of scenery and limited exposure to triggers. And, you get to reside in beautiful Prescott, Arizona for as long as you need to get better! 

Let’s explore the benefits to choosing an out-of-state rehab and how this higher level of care can help you succeed at recovery. 

Escape from Negative Environment 

One of the main advantages to choosing an out-of-state rehab is that you get to distance yourself from negative influences, such as friends who engage in substance use and accessible drugs or alcohol. The new environment offers a fresh start that can make it easier to start your recovery and focus on getting better. 

For some individuals, being in the same environment makes it difficult to prioritize their recovery. If you are concerned that you will be distracted by the people, places and things around you, it’s worth considering a residential program out of state. You will be able to focus all of your attention on healing while being around others who are sober and supportive. 

While you will eventually have to return to your environment, keep in mind that you will be a different person when this happens. You’ll have new coping tools and strategies under your belt, along with improved mental health and physical well-being. 

Lower the Risk of Relapse 

In many cases, putting distance between the person and their triggers can greatly reduce the risk of relapse. When you are in a location away from home, you don’t have easy access to the people and places that you used to. This makes it a lot more difficult to access drugs or alcohol. Even if you were tempted to do so, there would be many more steps in between, hopefully discouraging you from even attempting. Therefore, if you know that you’re at risk for relapsing, or you’ve tried to get sober before and were unsuccessful, you can likely benefit from an out-of-state inpatient drug rehab. 

Get a Fresh Start 

When you make the decision to get sober, you aren’t just saying you’re going to quit using drugs and alcohol. You’re making a commitment to change your life and embrace sobriety. To be effective at building this new life, it helps to have a clean slate. Thankfully, an out-of-state drug rehab can give you the fresh start you’re looking for. 

Wolf Creek Recovery is located in the city of Prescott Arizona and we get clients from all over the U.S. They come to us because they like the small town feel, blue skies and four seasons (yes, it even snows here!). It’s a breath of fresh air for many, and they get to work on their recovery without knowing people in the program. It’s a chance to start a new narrative and grow into the person you want to be. 

Increase Privacy and Confidentiality 

Outpatient programs have many benefits, but they aren’t always the most private. If you live in a community where there are only a couple of outpatient drug rehabs, you’re likely to know someone in the program. This can make it harder to open up during group therapy sessions, and depending on the person, it may create additional distractions as well.

When you leave your hometown to seek treatment, you get an entirely new group of people. This allows you to maintain your privacy and confidentiality, as no one will see you driving to and from therapy or walking into a treatment facility. You can openly share during your sessions knowing that everything stays confidential. 

Specialized Programs 

Another benefit of choosing an out-of-state rehab is that your options are expanded. You can choose a specialized program that serves LGBTQ+ individuals, veterans or women. Or, you can choose a faith-based program that aligns with your religious beliefs and values. 

Even if you don’t pick a specialized program, considering rehabs outside your local area opens up many new possibilities. For example, Wolf Creek Recovery is located in beautiful Prescott AZ. We have panoramic views of the mountains and expansive blue skies, which is why outdoor therapy is an important part of our program

Higher Chance of Completing Treatment 

Finally, choosing an out-of-state rehab gives you a better chance of completing the program in full. Having too many distractions near you can make it difficult to finish treatment and achieve long-lasting sobriety. It’s just easier and more familiar to return to your old habits, especially if your friends and family are not positive influences on your recovery. 

Being away from your environment allows you to focus on your wants, needs and goals. You can learn a lot about yourself and what you need to succeed in recovery, creating a stronger foundation. And, you will receive plenty of support from your peers. Taking one day at a time allows you to focus on the here and now while moving forward in your recovery. 

Inpatient Drug Rehab in Prescott AZ

Wolf Creek Recovery offers partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment in a caring, compassionate environment with sober housing. This blend of inpatient and outpatient care allows clients to work on their recoveries while putting their skills into action. To learn more about our addiction treatment services in Prescott AZ, contact our admissions team today.