Does Drug Rehab in AZ Really Work?

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One of the most frequently asked questions about recovery is how well Arizona rehab really works. This is an important question considering that addiction treatment is a financial investment and a time commitment. If you choose an inpatient rehab center, you’ll be spending weeks away from your loved ones. Outpatient rehab is more flexible, but it still requires you to commute back and forth most days of the week.

As much of a commitment as drug rehab is, it’s a necessary part of the recovery process. That’s because rehab doesn’t just help you get off drugs and alcohol, it also helps you return to your family and society as a productive, functioning adult. You can’t get this on your own – you need a team of doctors, nurses and mental health professionals to support you.

While there are no clear statistics that tell us how successful rehab is, there are still ways to measure the effectiveness of these programs.

Why it’s Difficult to Measure the ‘Success’ of Drug Rehab in AZ

The National Institute on Drug Abuse shares an interesting article regarding the effectiveness of drug rehab and how we look at things differently. Substance use disorders are like other chronic conditions, such as hypertension or type 2 diabetes. They all require ongoing care but can be managed successfully with lifestyle changes, medications and therapy.

While relapse is not ideal, it does happen to many people. The majority of individuals who are recovered have had at least one relapse. However, when relapse occurs, many deem treatment to be a failure. This is not the case. Successful treatment requires continual evaluations and modifications, just as other chronic health conditions do.

Another reason why it’s difficult to measure the success of drug rehab is because no benchmark for “success” exists. Does success mean that a person stays sober for 30 days? 90 days? One year? This is why you’ll want to be careful when reading statistics about rehab centers in Arizona. Some say they have a guarantee or success rate, but you don’t know how they are measuring it.

How We Know Arizona Drug Rehab Really Works

If there are no hard statistics, how do you know if drug rehab in Arizona is worth it? Because recovering from a substance use problem is nearly impossible without support.

Treatment now exists on a spectrum – it’s not a 30-day stay in a facility and then back to life. During your time in treatment, you will get support that matches your needs while also learning new coping skills, meeting new people and working through unresolved trauma.

Not only do people detox and heal in rehab, but also they prepare for a healthy transition back to society. In other words, rehab doesn’t eliminate addiction, but it can help give you the start you need to build a healthy, productive life.

Some of things you’ll learn from our Arizona rehab centers are:

  • Dig into underlying issues
  • Processed unresolved trauma
  • Educate yourself on addiction
  • Build a sense of community
  • Hold yourself accountable for your choices and actions
  • Create a structured routine
  • Improve your overall mental and physical health
  • Learn healthy coping strategies
  • Build new habits and practices
  • Establish healthy boundaries

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