Tips for Making it Through Your First Sober Thanksgiving

turkey on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for joy and thankfulness. This is the time of year when people get together with their families to cook and share a meal. For some families, Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays where they get to see each other and reconnect. But as wonderful as Thanksgiving can be, it can also be stressful, particularly for those who just completed drug or alcohol rehab in Arizona. 

Even though Thanksgiving is meant to be a time to spend with family and good food, it has become a major drinking holiday. This can make it especially difficult to stay sober. It’s important to enter situations prepared for all possible outcomes, and lean on the support from good friends and family. 

Below are some tips for making it through your first sober Thanksgiving following drug detox in Prescott AZ

Avoid Stressful Situations 

Take some time to think about your holiday plans. If you’re invited to a family dinner that is known for having an excess of alcohol, it’s probably best to skip it. Choose a place where you know you’ll feel comfortable and accepted. Your sobriety comes first, so don’t worry about upsetting people. Those who know about your situation and care about you will understand that your plans might look different this year. 

Continue Going to Your Meetings 

Make sure that you continue going to your 12-step meetings. You may even need to pick up an extra meeting to stay busy during Thanksgiving weekend. Twelve-step meetings allow you to find strength from others who are dealing with the same stressors. If you’re planning on traveling over Thanksgiving weekend, look for a 12-step meeting in the local area so that you surround yourself with love and support. 

Have an Exit Strategy 

If you do start to feel uncomfortable, it will be important to remove yourself as quickly as possible. Having an escape plan will allow you to go into the day feeling confident. This could be driving yourself and leaving when you want, calling your sponsor or stepping outside for a walk. Remember, your sobriety is your priority, so it’s okay if you leave without saying goodbye. 

Be of Service to Others

There are plenty of opportunities to help out others at this time of the year. From animal shelters and assisted living facilities, to soup kitchens and homeless shelters, there are no shortage of ways to be of service to others. Volunteering your time is a great way to keep busy over the holidays, distract yourself from drugs and alcohol and find purpose in your life. 

Practice Gratitude

There’s no better time to start practicing gratitude than during November. But gratitude isn’t limited to the holiday season. People who regularly practice gratitude are able to reduce toxic emotions, improve their self-esteem and open the door to new relationships. Start this healthy habit by writing down a few things you are grateful for every morning. 

Bring Your Own Beverage 

To reduce the number of times you have to hear, “Can I get you something to drink?”, bring your own beverages to the holiday gathering. Treat yourself to a fun drink that you don’t normally have, such as bubble tea, eggnog, peppermint hot cocoa or seltzer water. Having a non-alcoholic drink in your hand can take some of the pressure off. 

Know Where to Find Support 

Thanksgiving can be a difficult time to stay sober, so it’s important to stay connected to your support network, pick your events wisely and practice good self-care. This will make it easier to follow your aftercare plan. If you need more support along the way, reach out to an outpatient drug rehab in Arizona. Wolf Creek Recovery has convenient programs that can supplement your recovery during difficult times.