To Succeed in Recovery, Stop Doing These 5 Things

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Recovering from drug or alcohol use requires more than just stopping your use. You also need to give up the unhealthy habits that led to your addiction and allowed it to thrive. This is why detox alone isn’t enough to stop addiction. Detox takes care of physical dependencies, but you also need therapy to help you understand what thoughts, behaviors and patterns you’re holding onto and how to let them go.

Below are five things you’ll need to stop doing to succeed in recovery. By committing to a treatment center in Arizona and stopping these behaviors, you leave room for growth and healing.

1. Inflexibility to Change

Addiction recovery is all about growth and change. Change happens whether we like it or not. When you accept change, you allow things to improve.

But how can you be more open to change? After all, we are creatures of habit. Your therapist will help you embrace change by doing the following:

  • Unlearning unhealthy thoughts, beliefs and patterns
  • Exposing yourself to new experiences
  • Changing your attitude
  • Becoming self-aware
  • Opening your mind – not being defensive

2. Fear and Anxiety

According to the Mental Health Foundation, fear is one of the most powerful emotions that has a very strong effect on the mind and body. While fear is necessary in certain situations, it can also happen in non-threatening situations. If you get stuck with fear and anxiety, they can prevent you from moving forward in your recovery.

It’s important to learn about your fears, why you have them and ways you can manage them, such as by exercising, practicing relaxation techniques and avoiding drugs and alcohol. Talk therapy and medication are also effective treatment tools.

3. Making Excuses

Another thing you’ll need to stop doing is making excuses. You need to accept responsibility for your past behavior so that you can move closer to reaching your goals. Making excuses stunts your growth because they trick your mind into thinking that you could not have changed the outcome, and therefore, have no reason to adapt.

4. Putting Yourself Down

Even though you’ve made mistakes, this doesn’t mean you should keep punishing yourself for them. Putting yourself down keeps you low and stops you from healing, putting you at a greater risk for relapse. Remind yourself that you are in a new stage of life and you’re learning to act and think differently.

5. Anger and Resentment

When you were using drugs, you were probably wronged by others. But now is not the time to hold onto anger and resentment. As you forgive yourself, you need to try and forgive others as well. This way, you can free yourself from bitterness and resentment and move forward in your journey.

By giving up these five unhealthy habits or behaviors, you can allow yourself to grow in your recovery. To start your path to healing, reach out to Wolf Creek Recovery, a premier Arizona residential treatment center. One of our owners will be happy to speak with you and determine the appropriate level of care for your needs.