What Should I Expect When Calling a Drug Rehab in Prescott?

girl calling drug rehab in Prescott

One of the most courageous steps in the recovery journey is making the first phone call to a drug rehab in Prescott. Whether you are calling for yourself or a loved one, this initial conversation jumpstarts the treatment process and gets you thinking about your options. Still, it can take an incredible amount of effort to make this call and be open about your struggles. 

To help you make the most of your initial interactions with a drug rehab, we feel it’s helpful to know what to expect. Who will be answering your call? What questions will they ask? Will your information be kept confidential? 

This blog post will go into detail about what to expect when you call a treatment center for the first time. We hope that by understanding this process, you will have more confidence when you pick up the phone and place that first, life-changing call. 

Who Answers the Phone? 

One of the primary concerns that people have when calling a drug rehab is who answers the phone. In our society, we’re used to dealing with automated systems or call centers, which aren’t very personal. Fortunately, the people managing the phones for a treatment center are real individuals who work for the program. 

Generally speaking, there will be an admission’s team that is trained to help people going through various mental, emotional and physical struggles. They also follow ethical standards when interacting with potential clients. 

When you call Wolf Creek Recovery, you can expect our phones to be answered by our own staff. In fact, the owners of our facility often answer them directly! Many of our staff members, including our owners, are in recovery and can offer a unique perspective when handling initial phone calls. We can relate to what you are going through and offer essential support. 

If you’re not ready to pick up the phone, that’s okay too. There are other ways to get in touch with a drug rehab. You can fill out an online contact form and someone will contact you back shortly, or you can send a message on social media. 

What Happens When I Call? 

Usually, the intake specialist will start with a series of questions to learn more about you, your history with substance use and your current condition. These are important questions, as the treatment facility must be able to accommodate your needs. Some people can start with an outpatient program, while others must be stabilized in a hospital or inpatient program first. 

The series of questions that you’ll be asked generally count as an ‘initial assessment,’ which is different from a check-in assessment. The purpose of the initial assessment is to identify the level of care you need and any logistics that need to be arranged. 

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to ask a few questions yourself. Some good questions to lead with are: What level of care do you provide? What types of therapy do you offer? How long does your program usually take? 

Basic Questions a Drug Rehab in Prescott May Ask 

Each treatment center has a different set of intake questions, but you can expect to share much of the same information across the board. Again, the purpose of asking these questions is not to pry but to ensure the program offers the right level of care for your needs. Treatment centers have different specialties, so it’s possible that another facility could better meet your needs. 

Here are some examples of the basic questions a drug rehab may ask: 

  • How old are you? Where do you live? 
  • What is your gender and sexual identity? 
  • Are you religious? 
  • Do you have any physical health conditions? 
  • Do you have any current mental health disorders? 
  • What medications are you taking? 
  • Do you have a family history of substance use? 
  • What substances do you currently use? 
  • Have you ever been in a treatment program before? 

It’s okay if you don’t have the answers to all of these questions. Some people do not know their family’s history with substance use. However, any information you can provide will be helpful, as this allows the admissions specialist to better understand your life so that an appropriate diagnosis and placement can be made.

Is Everything Kept Confidential? 

The government has implemented healthcare privacy laws to protect individuals in treatment, such as HIPAA. Most reputable drug rehabs offer complete confidentiality when calling so that you can have an honest conversation without the fear of loved ones or your employer finding out. Wolf Creek Recovery takes every effort to ensure that all information remains private and confidential. 

What to Ask a Treatment Center 

We recommend writing down a list of questions so that you can gather the information you need, too. Here are some of the questions we believe are important to ask: 

  • Is there a waitlist or can I start treatment right away? 
  • What are your philosophies and approaches?  
  • What insurance plans do you accept? 
  • How much is treatment going to cost me? 
  • How qualified is your staff? 
  • Do you offer on-site detox? 
  • How many hours does your program include? 
  • Will my family be brought into treatment? 
  • Is it possible to extend my stay? 
  • What kind of continuing care is provided? 

Working Out the Details 

Once you have spoken with the drug rehabs you are interested in, it’s time to make a decision. Even though admissions specialists want you to receive care from their program, it’s important that you make your own decision. Talk it over with loved ones and determine the best fit for your needs.

Also, be sure that you are ready to work out the details so that treatment is possible. The intake specialist can help you with most, if not all, of these: 

  • Scheduling an arrival date
  • Contacting your insurance 
  • Paying for treatment 
  • Requesting time off work 
  • Informing friends and family 
  • Planning what to pack 
  • Arranging transportation 

Call Our Drug Rehab in Prescott – We are Here for You! 

Wolf Creek Recovery takes pride in providing caring, compassionate care for individuals suffering from substance use and/or mental health problems. We know that the first step in the process is calling and speaking to the treatment center, so we make this as seamless and positive as possible. 

All calls are answered by trained professionals – sometimes it’s our very own owners who play an active role in our treatment services! We also keep all calls confidential and never rush through conversations. We are here to answer your questions and gather as much information as possible so that the best decision can be made. 

When you are ready to start treatment, you can expect the same personalized, hands-on service. Our team will help you get settled in our program by making sure you are receiving the right treatments and therapies, working with the right professionals and have a schedule that you can manage. 

Contact Wolf Creek Recovery to learn more about our treatment services – Phase One, Phase Two and Extended Care – and how we can help you succeed at recovery.