3 Reasons Why You Might Be Having Trouble Staying Sober

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After completing an Arizona rehab program, your goal may sound simple: stay away from drugs and alcohol. But staying off these substances is not a matter of willpower. The reality is that addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease. Those who struggle with addiction don’t have the mental capacity to just quit when they want to.

The only way to recover from addiction is by undergoing detox, rehab and aftercare. You must also commit to a life of recovery. If you’re having trouble staying sober, it does not mean that you are weak. Relapse is a part of the recovery journey for many. However, there are some key reasons why you’re probably struggling, which we’ll cover below.

Reason #1. You’re not fully committed to sobriety.

Sobriety is a full-time job. It needs your full attention every day. However, some people are only partially committed to their recoveries. This could be on a subconscious level, so you may not even realize that you have some hesitation about being sober.

Let’s say that you just completed alcohol rehab in Arizona. Even though you realize that alcohol has caused a lot of negative problems in your life, there’s still a part of you that doesn’t want to give it up completely. You still want to be able to drink socially with friends or on special occasions.

Unfortunately, this mentality can put your sobriety at risk. You can’t “sort of” decide that you are going to be sober. This must be something that you are 100% committed to.

2. You’re trying to do things on your own.

While only you can make the decision to get sober and stay sober, you can’t do it alone. A strong support system is essential to long-lasting recovery.

Every stage of recovery has its challenges, and having a support network will make these challenges easier to navigate. Your friends and family can help you cope with triggers, deal with your emotions and promote a greater sense of well-being.

A positive support system also provides positive peer pressure. Also referred to as positive peer support, this type of encouragement works and is backed by research. This is the type of support you receive in Arizona alcohol rehab, group therapy and 12-step meetings.

There are many people who want to see you thrive – lean on them for support. You do not have to do this alone.

3. You’re getting too complacent.

Complacency can hold back your recovery. And unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for this to happen, as some people are in a honeymoon phase when they first complete rehab in AZ.

If you’re feeling excited and confident about your recovery, you’re in the “honeymoon” or “pink cloud” phase of recovery. But this phase is only temporary, so it’s important not to get too comfortable. Remember, staying sober is a full-time job.

No matter how good you feel, continue going to your 12-step meetings and therapy sessions. Take care of yourself by eating healthy meals, sleeping 7-9 hours at night and exercising daily. This way, when something bad does happen, you’ll be able to handle it better without falling back to drugs or alcohol.

These are three common reasons why people struggle to stay sober. By being aware of these issues, you can create a more positive and protective life. And if you need help along the way, Wolf Creek Recovery in Prescott AZ is here to help.