Fighting Loneliness After Drug Rehab in Arizona

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Sobriety can be a beautiful, eye-opening journey, but it can also be lonely at times. Unfortunately, this loneliness can get in the way of your sobriety, putting you at risk for depression and relapse. There are many ways to address loneliness in sobriety, so it’s important to be aware of this complication and the ways to fight it.

At Wolf Creek Recovery, many of our staff members are in recovery. We know what it feels like to go through this journey, and we understand how lonely it can be. That is why we have built a community of hope, healing and restoration. We are all family here, and we plan to be a part of your journey, even after your time in Arizona rehab is complete.

Let’s learn more about why sobriety can feel lonely and tips for combating it.

Why Does Loneliness Occur in Sobriety?

Relationships play a significant role in our mental and physical health, and unfortunately, addiction changes these relationships. Therefore, the people you were once connected to may no longer have the same relationship with you.

While you were using drugs or alcohol, you probably didn’t notice or have the capacity to care that your relationships were being damaged. But now that you are in rehab in Arizona, you realize that your relationships are no longer the same.

Additional reasons for feeling lonely in sobriety are:

  • No one to relate to. Like many people in recovery, you may feel that your friends or family don’t fully understand your disease, lifestyle or triggers.
  • Lost friendships. In order to maintain sobriety, you probably had to end certain friendships.
  • Difficulty making friends. Making new friends is harder in recovery because you are still learning who you are! And, you can no longer rely on substances to make you feel less awkward in social situations.
  • Unable to embrace solitude. You may not know how to embrace being alone just yet – and liking it. There is joy and peace in solitude, but this can take time to discover.

How to Fight Loneliness after Arizona Rehab

Loneliness is a trigger for relapse. If you are lonely and continue to feel this way, it can put your recovery at risk. This is why it’s important to recognize your needs and ask for help. When you spend meaningful time with others, you enjoy a sense of belonging and increased self-worth.

Here are some ways to fight loneliness in recovery.

  • Follow your aftercare plan. Your aftercare plan has great information on how to function outside of rehab in AZ. Follow this plan, which likely includes going to therapy and participating in self-help groups.
  • Attend your AA/NA meetings. Continue going to your AA/NA meetings. These meetings connect you to other people in recovery, and give you access to resources, advice and support.
  • Work on your relationships. Recovery is a lot of work. And a lot of this work goes toward your relationships. Make amends with people in your life, and forgive those who have wronged you.
  • Be more spiritual. You can be spiritual without being religious. Being spiritual is helpful because it connects you to a higher power and helps you find your greater purpose.
  • Give back to your community. Find ways to get involved in your community. Not only will you be interacting with others, but also you’ll see that you have value and meaning in the world.

Wolf Creek Recovery is here to walk the recovery journey with you. When you’re part of our program, you are never alone. Contact us today to learn more about our rehabilitation centers in Arizona.