Returning to Work after Drug Rehab in Arizona

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Returning to work can cause a lot of angst for a person who just completed a drug and alcohol rehab in Prescott AZ. Not only is it hard to get back to work while managing your sobriety, but also you’re probably worried about what others will think and say.

Preparing for these interactions ahead of time will give you more confidence going into your first days and weeks on the job. Below are some tips to follow as you make this transition.

Remember That You are Not Alone

First off, reassure yourself that you are not alone, even though you might be feeling this way right now. Everyone has challenges in their life. While these challenges might not be the same as yours, you’ll be surprised at how many people have experienced substance use and mental health disorders in themselves or a relative.

If your inner voice starts to say things like, “No one likes you because you’re an addict,” shut it down quickly. Even if there are a few people who don’t understand your situation, most will empathize. Quieting this inner critic also allows you to be open and receptive to people instead of closed off, which will help make the transition easier.

Have a Game Plan for What You’re Going to Say

Depending on how you left things before rehab in Arizona, people in the workplace may or may not know why you were gone. Ultimately, it’s not their business, so only choose to tell people what you’re comfortable with. This is why it helps to plan out what you’re going to say.

While you do not owe anyone an explanation, one thing to keep in mind is that the closer you are to the truth, the easier it is to keep your story straight. You don’t have to divulge all the details, but you can saying things like:

  • “I had some health issues that I needed to work on. I’m back now and feeling much better.”
  • “I had to go away for a while to work on some personal issues. I’m glad to be back at work.”
  • “My drinking started to interfere with my life. I got the help I needed and am ready to put my best foot forward.”

Establish New Rules for Yourself

Something else you’ll need to do is make new rules for yourself. For example, as a person in recovery, you won’t be able to tag along for after-work drinks – at least right now. As you grow stronger in your recovery, you may be able to join your coworkers for drinks – only iced tea or sparkling water in your glass!

Hopefully, you can find new ways to be social with your coworkers. But if you can’t, replace your old hobbies and traditions with new ones. For instance, you can join an exercise class, take cooking lessons or hang out with people from your 12-step group.

Understand Your Workplace Rights

Finally, make sure that you understand your rights in the workplace. You have the right to ask for certain accommodations from your employer, such as time off for doctor appointments or limited working hours. Knowing your rights ensures you’re able to balance work and recovery while getting the flexibility you need.

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