Repeated relapse after addiction treatment may be a signal that an undiagnosed mental disorder is keeping you from completely healing from addiction. If you’ve been in and out of rehab, even though you truly want to recover from addiction, it may not be your fault. By contacting a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center, you’ll have access to the right tools to finally experience lasting changes when you’re ready to leave addiction behind you. Contact our staff at Wolf Creek Recovery to learn about our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program; our number is 833-732-8202.

Dual Diagnosis Vs. Traditional Addiction Treatment: 3 Differences

1. One of the major differences between Dual Diagnosis and traditional rehab is that Dual Diagnosis treatment looks at the whole person rather than treating the addiction. At Wolf Creek Recovery, we’ll work toward uncovering hidden trauma, severe depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues that may be causing you to return to alcohol or drug use. While conventional rehab may try the same recovery methods time after time, without seeing positive results, Dual Diagnosis will explore avenues to long-term recovery you may not have thought of in the past.

2. The best alcohol and best drug addiction treatment centers are using Dual Diagnosis treatment, with exceptional results. With top drug rehab centers making huge changes to include dual Diagnosis treatment in their protocols, you can be sure it’s a safe and sound treatment. You won’t find such dramatic changes in the way rehabs are treating addiction using conventional techniques.

3. Since identifying and treating a secondary issue takes time, most Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center programs require a commitment to inpatient treatment. While it can be scary spending the night in a rehab facility, there’s good news for patients who opt for a residential substance abuse treatment program; the longer you commit to treatment, the more likely you’ll succeed in your recovery efforts.

You may be tempted to take the easy way out and sign up for an outpatient rehab program. Although Dual Diagnosis is sometimes offered in an outpatient setting, you’ll benefit the most by taking full advantage of our inpatient program at Wolf Creek Recovery

Phase One Treatment

You’ll have ample time at WCR to learn more about yourself during Phase One in your recovery journey. We’ll get to the core of why you’ve been unable to achieve your goals in rehab; very often, it stems from a mental health disorder you may not have even known existed.

Phase Two Treatment

As you learn new skills to staying away from drugs or alcohol, you’ll have the opportunity to put them into practice while transitioning out of rehab to life at home. When you’re ready, you’ll step down from our inpatient program to something less structured so you can rebuild your life outside of treatment.

Nothing is more important than overcoming your addiction. Wolf Creek Recovery is the best drug and alcohol rehab for patients battling addiction and mental health disorders. You can check into Phase One Treatment today when you contact us at 833-732-8202.

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