There are so many different reasons for you to want to stop rehab as soon as you begin. We know that detox alone is terrible, especially if you experience nausea, tremors, chills, and headaches. Other times, you will get through detox without a problem but slowly start to dislike the place and find everything about it a little bit disgusting. Some people end up convincing themselves that they do not need rehab and insist that they have enough treatment to continue their journey at home.

The truth is that leaving rehab earlier is probably one of the worst things you can do for yourself. Continue reading to learn how leaving rehab prematurely will derail your journey to sobriety.

What you should know about leaving rehab early

Are you allowed to leave early?

It may take months, weeks, or days to solve an addiction problem, depending on the intensity of the intoxication. Some people need years of outpatient or sober living treatment to get over an addiction, and we must make sure we give you the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Rehabs in Arizona will not restrain you from leaving, but we will strongly advise you against going opposite the medical advice. It is especially advised not to quit and walk away if you have a court order to complete the rehab process.

The most common days to leave rehab

The first three days in rehab are usually the hardest to endure because of the physical and mental craving for the drug. We know of cases where patients will plead or even threaten to leave, as well as make outrageous promises of returning when they feel better. We know that patients want to appear as though they have control of the addiction, and they will maintain a clean image and use their loved ones to convince us of the same.

The second most common duration is during the second week when they start feeling better and long to reunite with their friends and family. It is also difficult for people to face the emotional and mental issues that first drove them into addiction. They prefer to block everything out to enjoy the comfortable familiarity.

Risk of leaving rehab

The risk of leaving rehab is that the patient will go back to their previous habits and even overdose because their body can now tolerate a more prominent and more potent dose. We have years of practice and knowledge in dealing with drug addictions and know the exact amount it would take for your body to lose complete control.

Do not believe your thoughts that you can leave rehab and resume treatment afterward. You do not have control of your body or subconscious mind and will miss the mark of the best time you should resume rehab at Wolf Creek Recovery. Recovery is a life-long process that needs professional support if you want long-term sobriety. Please do yourself a favor and contact us online or call 1-833-732-8202 to begin the admission process as soon as possible while you discuss all concerns that hinder your treatment.

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