Inpatient Rehab

Do you need help with a severe addiction? Inpatient rehab is the best option when you’re ready to take that first and most important step in recovery. Our residential program at Wolf Creek Recovery will provide a safe place to land when walking into the unknown. Detox and rehab don’t have to feel scary; we offer medication-assisted treatment to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your time in treatment. By committing to our inpatient rehab program, you’ll set the course of your future and gain access to the tools you need to beat addiction once and for all.

5 Things You Can Expect During Inpatient Treatment At WCR

1. Out inpatient drug and alcohol use treatment program is tailor-made to meet your recovery needs. We’ve seen first-hand that most patients require more than 30 days in rehab; therefore, we’ve designed an extended care program for patients who need more time to work on life skills, relationship building, and relapse prevention.

2. Expect a full recovery from addiction when you choose our inpatient rehab. The best drug addiction treatment centers have a proven history of success when treating addiction. Wolf Creek Recovery is no exception. Our alcohol and substance abuse treatment program will help you stay engaged during your time in rehab, so you’ll want to stay in recovery until you’re confident you can make it on your own.

3. You may have heard that detox was painful and uncomfortable, but that’s only the case if you try to go cold turkey at home. Comfort meds are available to patients in our MAT detox program at Wolf Creek Recovery. Medication-Assisted Treatment makes it easier to get through detox and transition into our recovery program.

4. As one of the top alcohol and top drug rehab centers in the state, we make a long list of therapies available to patients in our care. Outdoor therapy is only one of the many exciting experiences you can expect during time in rehab at WCR. Adventure therapy involves spending time in the sun, creating new life experiences, and connecting with others in your recovery community. Camping, paddle boarding, canoeing, tennis, disc golf, basketball, and softball are just a few of the sports and activities you’ll enjoy in our program.

5. Expect to learn more about yourself that you may not have known, such as why your addiction started and what you might have done to avoid becoming addicted. As you grow in the knowledge of who you really are and the life you were meant to live, you’ll gain confidence to take control of your future.

Today is a day like no other. You have an opportunity to turn your life around by calling the best drug and alcohol rehab in AZ. None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow, but we are given the gift of today. Use your gift wisely by calling a counselor from Wolf Creek Recovery. All calls to our helpline are confidential; take the next step only when you’re to make a change.

Inpatient Rehab

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