Substance abuse ceases to be a choice when you can no longer control your urges and do not have a second thought about reaching for a drug. It is futile and dangerous to prolong treatment for long periods by hoping that you will soon get a grip of yourself and maybe even treat the addiction from home. Delayed treatment will cause decreased functioning of your entire body, heighten dangerous and criminal tendencies, as well as negatively affect your motivation to seek future treatment.

What you should know about addiction and treatment

Habitual drug use is intense and impossible to uit no matter what you do without professional assistance. It is not worth postponing or trying a DIY treatment when you do not have a safe space to detoxify and develop a healthier treatment plan. We recommend that you begin treatment as soon as possible, so you can work on putting your life together and take control of life-threatening situations.

Reasons you should get into rehab before 2022

Addiction is continuous

Individuals must enroll in a drug and alcohol rehab program to make a fresh start in life and get through the holidays happily. We know that addiction can be challenging to fight off during the holiday seasons when you have to mingle with family and friends who use alcohol or other stimulants to stay merry. The best thing is to address the addiction immediately, so we can help you be in better mental, emotional and physical shape before and long after the holiday.

It is affordable

Now must be the cheapest season of the year for one to get into rehab because most people wait until the beginning of a new year to put their new goals into play. Additionally, people who have met their year’s deductibles and still have available funds to cater to rehab.

Delta variation

There is a lot of news in the media and blogs about the effect of the Covid Delta variation. People speculate that the stock market, the economy, and a lot of our social lives will crush as we recline back to the lockdown era to cope with the new virus. What does this mean for rehab? Rehabs will go back to closure or only accept the few patients who must go through stringent testing to prove their eligibility in the program. Our rehabs in Arizona adhere to all rules and regulations to minimize or stop Covid within our premise and want you to take advantage of available services before issues escalate to complicated levels.

We all have a reason not to go.

There will always be a reason why one does not want to go to rehab at a reasonable time. Which one of the following do you identify and acknowledge?

  • An obligation to home
    Logistical block
  • Lack of a health insurance plan to cover treatment
    Fear of relapsing

All the above are valid reasons for you to fear rehab, but not enough for you to forego and postpone your long-term wellbeing. Call 1-833-732-8202, so we can help you with the admission process and offer other additional guidance.

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