If you’ve been looking for an addiction treatment program online, you’ve probably come across the term dual diagnosis and wondered what it meant. Dual diagnosis treatment in Prescott is the newest protocol in treating alcohol and drug addiction and it’s making a big difference in the lives of patients. Combined with conventional drug and alcohol use treatment, dual diagnosis often improves recovery efforts, making it easier for patients to stay on course to achieve their goals in rehab. If you have questions about dual diagnosis treatment, we welcome your call at Wolf Creek Recovery.

3 Reasons Why Dual Diagnosis Treatment Is Important To Your Recovery

1. The best drug addiction treatment centers in the country are turning to dual diagnosis because of their effectiveness in identifying the underlying cause of why addiction began and why many patients are unsuccessful in finding long-term success in rehab. Our staff at Wolf Creek Recovery has seen first-hand that patients respond positively to dual diagnosis treatment in Prescott.

A person dealing with a painful traumatic experience, an anxiety disorder, or severe depression often turns to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. Once the pattern is established, it’s difficult to break the hold except through a quality substance abuse treatment program combined with dual diagnosis.

2. Without the proper treatment, patients can spend years in and out of rehab, never finding a program that works for them. A treatment center focused solely on treating addiction without the understanding that there is a mental health issue under the surface will never truly help their patients find long-term recovery.

Dual diagnosis treatment can break down the barriers that have kept you in bondage to addiction. If you’re weighed down by guilt because of broken promises to friends and family, take heart- relapses may not be your fault. By identifying and treating your mental disorder, you might find that a bright future awaits you.

3. Top drug rehab centers that offer holistic therapy often prescribe dual diagnosis treatment with excellent results. If you’ve lost all hope of overcoming addiction, you’ll find renewed hope of a life without addiction beyond the doors to Wolf Creek Recovery.

We believe we are the best drug and alcohol rehab for patients dealing with severe addiction and relapse issues. We invite you to review our programs and therapies, read patient reviews, and take a closer look at what we have to offer you at Wolf Creek Recovery when you’re ready to take back your life from addiction.

Extended Care Available

Our residential recovery program includes extended care up to and beyond 90 days if you need time to heal from addiction. On its own, addiction will not get better or go away. Taking an active role in overcoming your addiction will make a difference in the outcome. Thirty days is often not enough to treat addiction, although it’s a good place to start. If you’re able to leave behind the pressures and responsibilities of life for 3 months or longer, we encourage you to check into our inpatient program.

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