Wolf Creek Recovery is one of the highly renowned rehab centers in AZ for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We offer the best substance abuse treatment and support in a comfortable and fully-equipped facility with an accomplished team of behavioral therapists and clinicians.

How to choose an addiction treatment center?

While joining a rehab can be overwhelming, you can make your recovery journey more comfortable and relaxing by choosing a premier treatment facility with modern amenities and top-notch accommodations. You want to join a facility that creates tailored recovery plans for each patient to attain your unique wellness goals.

The support you receive from the clinical staff can go a long way in helping you attain a safe and speedy recovery. Hence, make sure to join one of the rehab centers in AZ with experienced and competent therapists and clinicians.

What are some of the coping skills to manage triggers?

Our therapists educate clients on healthy coping skills to help them manage triggers. Developing self-awareness is the first step in identifying triggers and managing them. We help our clients understand the driving force behind their drug-using or alcohol-consuming behavior and recommend simple methods to tackle those triggers effectively. Here are a few proven coping skills that can help you overcome cravings and stressful situations:

  1. Exercising regularly
  2. Getting plenty of sleep and rest
  3. Signing up for extended care programs in the form of therapy or counseling
  4. Engaging in mindful meditation
  5. Spending time with sober and positive people
  6. Drinking water or tea for relaxation
  7. Joining a support group
  8. Eating well-rounded meals

We also help our recovering addicts learn effective techniques and mental exercises to reframe their negative attitudes and perceptions. Detaching from your painful or distressing experiences and memories can reduce your stress and help you thrive without turning to drugs or alcohol in the long term.

Addiction treatment programs we offer

We follow a four-part healing process encompassing detox, phase 1, phase 2, and extended care. Our recovery modules guide patients from the moment they quit drugs until they feel ready to lead a sober life in the outside world. Here are the issues we address in each stage of our recovery process:

  • Medical detox – We create a customized detox treatment plan for each patient after a thorough clinical assessment. Our detox treatment cleanses your body of drug-related toxins and residues and reduces the intensity of your withdrawal symptoms.
  • Phase 1 – Phase 1 of our recovery program engages clients in therapeutic interventions and focuses on building a healthy foundation. Recovering addicts uncover the root cause of their addiction during this phase and receive counseling for their co-occurring mental health issues.
  • Phase 2 – With Phase 2, we aim to help our clients adapt to the outside world and make a successful transition to a self-sufficient and responsible everyday life.
  • Extended care – We offer ongoing support to alumni clients in the form of counseling and individual therapy on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis to solidify their commitment to sobriety in the long term.

Wolf Creek Recovery can help you find your way to peace and sobriety. Call us now at 833-732-8202 to verify your insurance with us. Our therapists educate clients on various tools and ideas that help them battle disturbing thoughts, troubling emotions, and obsessive compulsions. Our rehab centers in AZ offer unparalleled addiction care and support at affordable prices.

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